Queenzzielocthevoice passed away, Teresa Smith dead and obituary

TikTok has recently been flooded with videos featuring a woman passionately singing a cover of “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie Movie. Known as Queenzziel0cthevoice, her real name is Teresa Smith, and she hails from Macon, Georgia. Teresa gained viral fame for her unique and entertaining covers of Billie Eilish’s song, where she takes creative liberties, sings off-key, and injects her soul into the performance. Her signature brightly colored hair and bold eyelashes have become synonymous with her TikTok persona.

With over 40 covers of “What Was I Made For,” Queenzziel0cthevoice has amassed 439.6k followers and 23.7 million likes on TikTok. Her bio describes her as a singer, songwriter, comedian, actress, and activist. A dedicated fan even created a Queenlizziel0cthevoice choir by compiling all her covers into one video. Beyond the viral covers, Teresa shares her original songs on TikTok, and her music is available on Spotify, with an album titled “Multiple Personalities Album” released in July 2021 under the record label 2047752 Records DK.

Apart from her musical endeavors, Teresa is a self-proclaimed activist and supports the charity Black Women in Motion, which focuses on empowering black women and survivors of sexual violence. As a family-oriented individual, she frequently shares videos featuring her family members. Additionally, Teresa offers makeup tutorials, showcasing her vibrant eyeshadow looks that match her colorful persona. With her multi-faceted talents and engaging content, Queenzziel0cthevoice has become a TikTok sensation, capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide.

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