Rebecca Goodwin leaked onlyfans videos on twitter and reddit

An OnlyF star has slammed trolls who claim she’ll end up spending money from her six-figure p0rn career once she’s too old to keep posting.

Rebecca Goodwin, who has 4.1 million followers on TikTok, where she regularly flaunts her curves and exudes confidence, is open to her adult modeling career.

The Chesterfield star is estimated to earn between £78,000 and £132,000 a month from her 14,500 subscribers on the platform, according to Fansmetrics.

But despite her high income, she is bombarded with comments from people claiming she won’t be rich forever, which she seems to find hilarious.

On the video, which garnered more than 53,000 likes, Rebecca was seen responding with a comment: “If you’re too old to get a job anywhere else, it’s unfortunate because it’s on your resume until the OF model says 6 years.”

Rebecca shows up to her bed and decides to tell the guy that she’s not running out of money because she’s making long-term investments that will keep her going.

She said: “I love the comments…that’s why you’re never rich. You don’t spend everything. You invest in it I have property, I’ll rent it out. In my life , I’ll never need another job.”

Her followers praised her for handling the comments, and some sought her advice on real estate investing.

The model made a video from her bed slamming trolls for claiming she would eventually run out of money (Image: beckymil8)
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A third commented: “She earns 10 times the average I think she does well.”

Rebecca, who now runs a YouTube channel, vlogs about her investments and previously shared how she bought her home with cash from her p0rn earnings.

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