Red Dirt Randy dead and obituary, A Tribute to Red Dirt Randy

When William “Red Dirt Randy” Hare passed away on November 24, 2021 due to complications from diabetes, the Red Dirt music industry lost a musical family pillar. Randy followed his parents Margaret and Lenny Hale in his death. He is survived by his two sisters Melissa and Nancy, brother Mike, sister-in-law Heather, four nieces and nephews Andrew, Andrew, Ellie and Ellie.

Anyone who’s been at Red Dirt and Texas Country concerts and festivals is familiar with Red Dirt Randy and his place in the community. He has been a local fixture and celebrity over the years, performing at various musical events in the surrounding states. Randy is a true face for music fans, supporting musicians and venues of all sizes. Along the way he met many artists and was often available on stage playing the harmonica, tambourine or just singing along.

Randy is known for his great dance moves, including falling and squirming at every turn during music events. He’ll be spinning all the pretty ladies on the dance floor, and keeping up with his energy and excitement is a feat.

Randy is constantly stopped and asked to take pictures with people, which he is more than happy to do for anyone and everyone. Randy is always up for a chat with anyone who will, and he excitedly pulls out his phone to show you all the concerts he’s been to lately and all the music he’s seen. He lived from the people and from the music, which gave him life, as only those who feel the music in their souls can do.

When it comes to his love of the music industry, Randy is the real deal. He’s quirky and eccentric, but represents his own taste and character in an authentic way. He could be a character, so to speak, but in a real way. It was never an act or just something to do, but a way of life that Randy embraced wholeheartedly. Randy makes friends everywhere, and he loves the live people as much as he loves the music. It also proves that fans are just as important in this scene as the artists.

Many artists and fans took to social media to mourn his passing, showing how important and beloved he was in the community. Many different live artists have left touching stories about Randy, which can be found on his social media pages along with hundreds of stunning photos over the years. Both Red Dirt Randy (managed for him by others) and William Hare have social media pages under their profiles.

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