Reddit soccer streams alternative 100 2022, Premier League and bundesliga

A few years ago, Reddit’s most popular subreddit was shut down for illegal links.

When the subreddit football stream is closed. It has over 500,000 subscribers. Honestly, that’s not surprising. I was expecting this as this sub illegally allows live football matches.

But if I look at it from a football fan’s perspective, this is the only place they can watch football live from Reddit and connect with a huge community of users from all over the world.

Well, let me ask you a similar question – do you still miss it? No no no. I have no indication that it will come back. But actually I am sharing some of its alternatives here. Known as Reddit Football Streams, this is my go-to if I need to watch football live

From the Premier League, Europa League to La Liga, you can watch all the major cup matches happening right now at Unlike the other platforms mentioned in this list, this one has a very user-friendly interface.

No one likes an ad popping up on the screen immediately after opening a live stream. To watch live on, just open the website and on the home page you will see the live streams of the different leagues.

sideline football

It’s not a website or subreddit, it’s a Discord channel. Founded in 2015, the Discord app has become one of the most important platforms for connecting a larger audience in one place in just six years. Although this Discord channel has over 2,000 members, they are all die-hard football fans.

Fans can discuss live football games or play impromptu football games anytime on their mobile phones or gaming consoles. If you want to join this Discord channel, just click this link:

Enter your username and after a few seconds you will receive a confirmation link to your registration email. Click it and confirm your entry in the channel.

lead actor

Boss Cast is the third option on this list. This streaming platform is similar to the infamous subreddit, and you can interact with a live audience through its chat feature.

Just click the “Show Chat” option and you can see the chat feed showing new messages every second. Football isn’t the only thing Bosscast is known for, though.

To watch live, all you have to do is browse the available schedules and find live matches that are happening.

Just click on it and you will be taken to a new tab where you can easily watch the live stream.

Sony Life

Don’t curse me if I suggest watching football through a paid platform. Yes! This is a paid application.

However, if you live in the US, this is much better than paying huge sums of money in the form of various subscription fees. Now you might be thinking, does it work anywhere but India?

Live streaming apps that require monthly or annual subscriptions aren’t even available in your country. So why are you still buying this?

Well, like some of the previous questions, this problem has a solution. However, this solution requires you to use a high-speed WiFi connection as you will need to watch the live stream through a VPN. Turn on Premium VPN, set the location to India, and open on your PC. And watch live at the cheapest price.

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