Reggie Groover dead and obituary, Reggie had a creative soul – cause of death

Reggie passed away surrounded by family and we are raising funds to help pay for his funeral.

Reggie has a creative soul. He has created his own YouTube community and strives to create his own videos. Wherever Reggie went, he made friends. Reggie is the kind of guy who stands by the people he cares about. Reggie is a reliable person who strives to improve. Reggie is enjoying life to the fullest. He enjoys running, swimming and skateboarding.

Reggie loves juice and drinks it every day. Reggie learned many life lessons from his grandfather when they went fishing together.

Reggie loves his dog Smokey. Reggie was jealous when Smokey came to visit me instead.

JB Coleman was one of the few people Reggie had contact with. Here’s a quick quote from him: Reggie is a unique person, and he’s the best friend anyone could ask for. He’s my best friend, we’ve only known each other for 7 years, but honestly it feels more like a lifetime.

He and I have been on the phone for almost 8 hours talking about living is a dream and the steps we are going to take. He’s a big dreamer and he wants to do so many things that he honestly brings out the best in others.

He was always the only person I could talk to if I needed advice or just to listen. He has been by my side through many difficult times in my life. 2 days before he died we were on the phone all day and then played games until morning, honestly I wake up every day expecting this call, I always get this call from him and I still haven’t Fully aware that my best friend is gone.

I want you and your family to know that Reggie is loved by many, has fans all over the world and brings joy to them. I’ve worked with him for many years and I’ve seen people beam when they see him, he brings light to a dark world where everyone feels lost.

I want to thank everyone who reached out and said good things about Reggie. That means far more than anyone knows. Reggie impacted everyone he came into contact with.

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