Rep Brandon Williams daughter leaked onlyfans, Republican congressman videos

New York Republican Representative Brandon Williams has disclosed that his daughter has an OnlyFans account, revealing this information after alleging that former aides threatened to publicize it following their termination.

Williams’ relationship with his ex-chief of staff, Michael Gordon, turned sour after the congressman gave Gordon 30 days to secure new employment. Gordon, who resided in Williams’ home during the congressman’s campaign, reportedly threatened to expose Williams’ 27-year-old daughter’s OnlyFans account. OnlyFans is a platform for paid explicit content.

Gordon denies the allegations, stating they are “categorically false,” while Ryan Sweeney, Williams’ former legislative director, labels the congressman’s claims as entirely untrue.

Days before Williams publicly shared details of the feud, a video surfaced showing a confrontation between Gordon and Williams. In the video, filmed by Sweeney, Williams points a finger at Gordon, warning, “You mess with my family, I’ll end every relationship that you have!” Williams alleges that Sweeney taunted him about his daughter off-camera, as captured in the viral video.

Following the video’s circulation, Representative George Santos, a New York Republican expelled from Congress on December 1, called for an Ethics Committee investigation into Williams’ conduct. Williams, who won his seat by a narrow margin, had led efforts to expel Santos.

Williams claims the confrontation arose from Gordon’s actions after receiving a 30-day notice to find a new job. Gordon allegedly contacted a GOP campaign consultant close to Williams, suggesting that TMZ might discover his daughter’s OnlyFans account, urging him to reconsider firing Gordon to avoid potential family embarrassment.

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