Reshma Pasupuleti Private Video LEAKED on reddit and twitter? Baakiyalakshmi Star

Reshma Pasupuleti played a major role in the soap opera Baakiyalakshmi aired on Vijay TV. Although she has acted in movies, she rose to fame after appearing on the reality TV show Bigg Boss. She joined the show’s third season and was one of the season’s most popular contestants.

She recently participated in the talk show Tamila Tamila on Zee Tamil. She talks about how her transformation video surfaced online and how she handles it with maturity.

Fans Say Reshma Pasupuleti Looks Like a P**n Star; Here’s Her Answer! Fans say Reshma Pasupuleti looks like a porn star; here’s her answer!

When I was in the United States, my sister called me and said that a private video of me had been leaked on the Internet. When she told me, I didn’t have a date, so I wondered how there was a video. I asked my sister to send me the video or the link. Then I realized it was a distorted video. My parents were the ones who wanted to talk about video. But they asked my sister to do it. “

She added: “My dad is a producer and my brother is an actor. My family comes from a media background so they understand that things like this can happen. But think about women who don’t have a media background. You get very exposed.” Humiliation . Some women will even try to take their own lives. But my family handles it well because they know that people in the media are targeting these kinds of things.

On labor, Reshma starred in the aforementioned soap opera, which is hugely popular in Tamil Nadu. Speaking of Bigg Boss, the show’s sixth season is underway and Manikanda Rajesh is expected to be the next contestant to be kicked out on Sunday.

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