Rhrpaige leaked onlyf, Paige Jennings videos on twitter and reddit

Grown-up director Kevin Moore shared a cached photo and text message screenshot on Twitter last January 4. The photos, of his late wife, 23-year-old p0rn star August Eames, appear to suggest that her latest suicide was related to her shooting with Markus Dupree a few weeks ago horrific experience.

“[Dupree] was so rude to me. He was dragging me around, strangling me in my panties, banging my head on the table, it was so rough the scene didn’t even need to do that,” Em S Moore wrote, adding, “I froze and didn’t say no or stop. I just wanted it to end. I looked at the engineer with a ‘help me’ look and he looked back with a ‘sorry’ look Watching me… feels like rape, but I’m in a “fuck it” mood, I’m just pissed off and want to get paid for the crap I went through.”

Photos showed Ames’ arms and legs covered in bruises, which she said were caused by Dupree. A few months later, writer Jon Ronson (So You Think You’re Publicly Shamed) and reporter Lena Misikis explored Ames’ tragic end on the podcast “The Last Days of August,” And got the scene footage of Ames and Dupree.

“When Lina and I watched the Las Vegas video [with Dupree] and saw August end at the end, you couldn’t shake the feeling that that’s the moment it started,” Ronson told The Daily beast. “Obviously, It triggered something she went through as a child and she looked depressed in that moment and it was hard to shake off that feeling. I wouldn’t say that’s why she died, but it was the beginning of the end.”

Ames’ experience with Dupree, a 32-year-old Russian adult star known for being rude and boundary-pushing, resonated with many other women in the adult industry who took to Twitter to air their concerns, including Nicole Aniston.

“Many women have brought allegations against [Dupree], yet our industry continues to allow him to perform,” said Alana Evans, executive director of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG).

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