Rob Bachman obituary, Canadian drummer

Do you like mystery, suspense and romance books? Then you can’t miss the latest novel by Rob Bachman, the bestselling author who has captivated millions of readers with his stories full of intrigue, emotion and passion.

In “The Shadow of the Past”, Rob Bachman introduces us to Sara, a young journalist who returns to her hometown after ten years of absence. There she will have to face the ghosts of her childhood, the secrets that her family hides and the love that she left behind.

But what Sara doesn’t know is that someone is watching her, someone who knows her past and is willing to do anything to prevent her from finding out. Who is the mysterious stalker stalking her? What relationship does she have with the murder that shook the town a decade ago? Will Sara be able to reunite with her old love and escape the danger that threatens her?

Find out in “The Shadow of the Past”, the new novel by Rob Bachman that will capture you from the first page and that you will not be able to put down until the end. A psychological thriller that will make you feel the fear, anguish and desire of the protagonists, and that will surprise you with an unexpected twist that will change everything.

Don’t wait any longer and get your copy of “The Shadow of the Past”, the novel that everyone is talking about and that will make you vibrate with the masterful pen of Rob Bachman. You will not regret!

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