Rob49 shooting today, Whats happened?, is dead or still alive?

Rising New Orleans Artist Rob49 Was Allegedly Shot While Filming A Music Video In Miami. He Is Expected To Pull Through From The Wounds.

Rob49 is an up-and-coming New Orleans rapper with a deep voice and confident delivery. He began performing in April 2020 and has amassed accolades since then. Most people consider Rob Slim Soul, or Baby Soulja, due to his soldier-like energy while rapping. Songs like the local anthem “Pent House” show that he’s earned his name. His lyrics are driven by natural energy and passion, as he lists the losses and triumphs of his community with pride.

Rob’s pure bars are caked in Louisiana slang and delivered in a musical cadence similar to Mannie Fresh productions 20 years ago. But what makes them refreshingly modern is the head-spinning velocity of his popular trap music, which he recorded in a downtown New Orleans penthouse last year using unemployment checks. After recording his first song, Rob started working on a new tape, 4 God. His growing talents and charismatic personality only increased over the course of that project, which people are expecting to drop any day now.

Rob49 grew up at the intersection of the 4th and 9th Wards in New Orleans. He started out as a DIY person with a mentality instilled in him from early on. In fact, his rap handle comes from the number 49, which refers to his location at the intersection of two projects in his hometown. Rob’s family experienced trauma from his childhood. His parents were in and out of each other’s lives during adolescence due to their stints in jail. Then, Hurricane Katrina devastated the area in 2005 and forced them to flee their home in Mom’s Impala. Rob recalls with clarity that the car lacked brakes. They were speeding 60 miles per hour on the interstate with the doors open.

Rob was driven by his charisma and self-confidence. As a high school student, he was a popular leader among his peers. The Weeknd, Meek Mill and Future all inspired him to continue being successful by emulating their achievements. Rob also discovered his natural gift as an artist. Rob claims he knew he could rap because he was listening to Future when the song ended. Before introducing himself, Rob explained that he’d punished Future with a little beat at the end of his song.

Rob decided to record a rap song after dropping out of college in April 2020. After his friends started recording in their studio, he was inspired to join them inside the booth and perform a quick rap. Although he had been performing rap for several years during high school, none of his classmates knew this fact. Rob recalls one of his friends saying that the song got played in a car. He also notes that one of his friends paid for an hourlong recording session at a studio all to himself several days later.

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