Robert Card shooter – suspect, driving a white Subaru Outback, Who is Maine mass shooting

Per PD Broadcast – suspect ID as Robert Card, driving a white Subaru Outback #BOLO #MAINE

At least 22 people were killed

BREAKING UPDATE! At least 22 people were killed, dozens (50-60) injured in Lewiston, Maine mass shooting. Police are investigating multiple locations, including a bowling alley and restaurant. The suspect is still large. Prayers for all our law enforcement officers who are racing to respond to the situation and for everyone injured. For more breaking news updates, follow us at

Police have issued a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) for an individual named Robert Card. He is believed to be driving a 2013 white Subaru Outback. If spotted, please report to authorities and exercise caution. For more breaking news updates, follow us at @TheNewsTrending

In Lewiston, Maine, state police confirmed to two terrorists that their attackers had identified them as authorities sent a lead agent to capture them.

Two initial reports suggested 16 people were among the attackers, including 60 others, who extinguished the fire near the pub, Parrilla Suchengee and leisure centre.

Before the alarm was sounded, the authorities immediately went to the town for refuge or permanent residence, thinking that Sospecoso would escape the fire that was aimed at the gentleman.

Please note that there is no need to make a phone call to allow officials to handle this situation. You have multiple people active and calling 911.

I notified the hospital in Lewiston and Central Maine Medical Center received a “response to a casualty incident in my life.”

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