Rohini Sindhuri leaked video viral, Two senior women bureaucrats

Two senior female bureaucrats sparked an uproar in the state bureaucracy on Sunday when they publicly sparred on social media. An IPS official has accused an IAS official of multiple misconducts on social media. She also posted personal photos of IAS officials, which she allegedly shared with some male officials.

Rohini Sindhuri leaked photo viral

In two lengthy posts, Karnataka Handicraft Development Corporation CEO, IPS officer D. Roopa made personal remarks against Muzrai Provincial Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri, accusing her of corruption, among other things. However, Ms Sindhuri called the allegations baseless and based on personal animosity. She said Ms Roopa, who was in the responsible position, acted as if she had lost her psychological balance.

Both sides have accused the other of violating the code of conduct for civil servants and have brought the violations to the attention of the competent authorities.

By the way, this is not the first time the duo have hit mud, as Ms Roopa has attacked Ms Sindhuri in the past. The two officials have also been controversial in recent years over their respective official functions.

Ms Roopa’s posts were accompanied by personal photos of Ms Sindhuri, which appeared to be taken from a photo of Ms Sindhuri meeting KR Nagar MLA Sa. pull. Mahesh, who reportedly tried to reconcile with him, went viral. By the way, Ms Sinduri, who was the deputy commissioner of Mysore, had brought the land grabbing allegation before the legislature, which has filed a defamation suit against the official. However, many social media users questioned the posting of personal photos on social media and instead of reporting to the authorities, they made accusations.

The IPS official questioned Ms Sindhuri’s meeting with Mr Mahesh, asking why there was a compromise meeting between the two when the official was making a decision in an official capacity. She accused Ms Sindhuri of misconduct during her tenure in the Mandya, Hassan and Mysuru districts, as well as her previous alleged altercations with colleagues.

In response, Ms Sidhuri accused Ms Roopa of running a false personal smear campaign against her. “These photos are screenshots, culled from social media posts/WhatsApp statuses to insult me,” she said. She’s done this everywhere she’s worked. She has always craved media attention. I will take legal and other action with the relevant authorities regarding their conduct which constitutes misconduct and illegal conduct under the various provisions of the IPC. “

Meanwhile, sources in the chief minister’s office said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai may step in and urge the two officials not to comment publicly.

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