Roi Simpson dead and obituary, News Editor at Heart FM cause of death

R.I.P Roi Simpson. Condolences to his family and the @Heart1049FMfamily A voice that I have indeed missed the past few weeks.

Embark on a daily exploration of crucial stories with our editor, Roi Simpson, every weekday at 12 noon. Join him as he delves into the heart of key narratives, providing context and broader perspectives to illuminate why we’re closely monitoring these stories and how we anticipate their unfolding. Roi’s comprehensive understanding of the intricate interrelationships between different stories enables you to effortlessly grasp the patterns and implications of the information we share. Stay informed and gain valuable insights with Roi Simpson as he connects the dots in the world of news.

A commercial radio station rooted in the heart of Western Cape, deeply connected to the communities that embrace our music and embody the unique identity of the region. Our audience is an appealing market, consistently numbering over 700,000 listeners (RAMS diaries). Primarily comprising individuals from the Coloured community within the coveted SEM 7-10 market segment, we’re also gaining traction among the broader Cape Town population. Renowned for active participation in civil society and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, our audience sets the tone.

We pride ourselves on being the most creative, effective, and forward-thinking radio station to collaborate with in the Western Cape. If these values align with what you seek for your brand, reach out to us. Let’s explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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