Rose Montoya leaked photos and videos on twitter, genioplasty Transgender activist

Transgender activist Rose Montoya has apologized for showing off her breasts at a Pride event at the White House last week. The controversial 27-year-old model apologized to the president and the LGBT community for her “disgraceful” behavior in a video posted on Twitter on Friday.

“In the midst of a brief and overwhelming trans glee, I decided to do something inappropriate for the President’s guests at the White House lawn celebration,” Montoya said. “I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the impact of my actions.

“I especially want to apologize to my black trans brothers and sisters, and especially to black trans women,” she continued. Rose Montoya, 27, posed topless at a pride party at the White House on Saturday

“Because I know you’ve all been on a par and affected by the actions of others, including anti-trans violence,” she explained. Montoya also apologized to family and friends who she said were “harassed” after the incident.

The influencer then apologized directly to the president and “the Nation,” concluding, “Nor did I intend to create a situation that would cause harassment and harm to me and others, nor would it be like my trans happy moments That leads to the weaponization of trans pleasure.” Suggested by scumbag opposition person.

Montoya was banned from the White House after he posed topless at a pride event to meet the president.

Rose Montoya, 27, took off her top and grabbed her chest on the South Lawn on Saturday when someone yelled, “Are we topless in the White House?”

Video of the move went viral on social media and was condemned by the White House.

A White House spokesman told the Daily Mail on Tuesday: “Such behavior is inappropriate and disrespectful of any White House event.”

“This does not reflect our event celebrating LGBTQI+ families or the hundreds of other guests.