Russian troops mouse fever hantavirus, troops with vomiting and severe headache

Soldiers of Vladimir Putin in Kupiansk, eastern Ukraine, are reportedly experiencing a severe outbreak of “mouse fever,” a viral disease causing significant illness among the invading Russian troops.

Russian troops mouse fever hantavirus

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence’s main directorate of intelligence revealed that the viral disease, transmitted from rodents to humans through contact with excrement or contaminated food, is affecting many units in the Kupiansk direction. Russian troops mouse fever hantavirus.

Symptoms reported among Russian soldiers include vomiting, severe headache, high fever, rashes, redness, plummeting blood pressure, eye hemorrhages, and nausea.

Ukraine’s intelligence wing pointed out that the outbreak highlights dissatisfaction among Russian soldiers, who are lacking medical assistance and winter provisions. The inability to care for troops is seen as an example of Russia’s failure to support its forces in Ukraine.

The disease also impacts the kidneys, causing intense lower back pain and severe difficulty in urinating. Complaints from Russian soldiers were initially ignored, considering them an attempt to avoid combat operations.

As a result, the “mouse fever” significantly diminishes the combat capability of the Russian troops, highlighting the ongoing neglect and challenges faced by Moscow’s forces invading Ukraine.

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