Ryan Garcia leaked video on twitter trolling, is dead or still alive

In the aftermath of Jake Paul’s decisive first-round knockout victory over Ryan Bourland, a new challenge emerged from the world of boxing. Ryan Garcia, a former WBC interim lightweight champion, took to social media to issue a heated challenge to Paul, questioning his boxing skills and calling him out for a fight.

Paul, no stranger to the spotlight as a YouTube star turned boxer, didn’t shy away from responding to Garcia’s challenge. In a post-fight interview, Paul expressed his candid thoughts on Garcia’s callout, criticizing him for appearing desperate and asserting that he’s a better boxer.

Garcia, known for his impressive 24-1 record with 20 knockouts, is set to face Devin Haney for the WBC super lightweight title on April 20. Despite the size difference (Garcia competing at 140 pounds and Paul’s recent victory contested at 200 pounds), a potential matchup between Garcia and Paul would present a unique challenge for both fighters.

While Paul has quickly risen through the ranks with a 9-1 record and six knockouts, Garcia’s experience and boxing pedigree make him a formidable opponent. Garcia’s scathing comments about introducing Paul to boxing added an extra layer of intensity to the potential matchup.

As the boxing world speculates on the next move for both fighters, a showdown between Jake Paul and Ryan Garcia could be a highly anticipated clash, bringing together two distinct personalities and skill sets in the ring.

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