Ryan Lawrence georgetown dead and obituary, 25 years for Baby Maddox Murder

The tragic story of baby Maddox Lawrence captured the attention of the Central New York community earlier this year. Today her father, Ryan Lawrence, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for her murder, with the possibility of parole. Lawrence expressed regret and responsibility in court.

“While I don’t blame anyone for my actions, as the pressure to give her a perfect life mounts, I’m also battling negative emotions that exemplify the flaws in many of my wife’s and daughter’s interactions. Pain and grief. But no reason and no psychological diagnosis seems to compel me to do this against my nature, to take away what I love most. Not a second has passed and I don’t wish I could undo what I did and Maddox is still alive. I pray she’s in a better place.”

He says there’s no reason she has to die…and wonders how he ended up in such a dark place. Onondaga County Judge Anthony Aloi expressed relief when Lawrence dropped his appeal and pleaded guilty.

“Baby Maddox, she deserves a quiet, true and final peace without the possibility of disturbing that peace years later with an appeal decision.”

Aloi added that the most important question was “for what purpose?” He could only answer no.

He agreed with Lawrence to plead guilty and waive his right of appeal in exchange for not being sentenced to life in prison — and without the possibility of parole. But Aloi is relentless in what he considers fair.

“Mr. Lawrence, based on the whole case, you should spend the rest of your life in prison for what you did. I’ll probably be out in 25 years (when parole comes)…but my words are on this record Come down, my opinion will live on.”

Investigators said the 20-month-old was hit by a baseball bat, setting her body on fire. Syracuse police found the charred remains of baby Maddox in the Syracuse Inner Harbor. Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Cali said her mother and family did an incredible job in court today to honor Maddox’s memory.

“Morgan’s ability to speak, her parents’ ability to speak, even Ryan’s older brother being as articulate as they are, triggered it. You name it; she’s a smart, energetic, beautiful girl.”

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