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Nico “Sneako” Kenn De Ballinthazy is one of the most popular streamers in the industry right now. He initially worked on YouTube and Twitch, but was permanently banned due to his controversial comments and situations. Interestingly, during a recent Rumble live stream, Sneako asked Samantha Frank to quit OnlyF and stop spreading negativity into the world

Samantha Frank is a popular social media influencer who has gained a lot of fame through her OnlyF page. She previously dated popular YouTuber Jack Doherty, whom Sneako considers Sam to be his sister. As a result, Sam has participated in Sneako’s live broadcasts in the past and tried to influence her career decisions.

Sneako recently organized a Rumble live stream and decided to invite Samantha Frank to be a part of it. Interestingly, during the live stream, Sneako decided to express and share his thoughts on Samantha Franks’ OnlyF career. In fact, he even started the conversation by saying, “I think you should give up your craziness for good and be a good girl again.”

Sneako insisted that he wanted Sam to be a good sister to him, adding that as a brother, he was uncomfortable with Sam adding negativity to the world. Samantha responded, asking Sneako if she really thought quitting OnlyF was the best option for her. His first reaction was: “Yeah, you should stop.”

According to Samantha, this is the best business option for any girl right now, so she asks why he doesn’t want the best for her. However, Sneako gave a religious response, claiming that quitting OnlyFans would save her soul and ultimately take her to heaven, since she won’t get any money after she dies.

Of course, Sam gets emotional and explains that she needs to make money to support her parents because they don’t make enough to pay their bills. She also added that she has the blessing of her parents for her work. However, according to Sneako, Sam will not be blessed by God because God cannot bless people who create content on OnlyF. Unfortunately, this brought Sam to tears and she ended the conversation to calm down.

Sneako has long featured Samantha Frank and other OnlyF girls on his streams. Andrew Tate recently commented on the habit, explaining that Sneako uses it to promote its own content. Andrew also added that Sneako can drop to any level just to get some views on his streams.

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