Sarah Mansour onlyf leaked, Whats happened to videos and photos on twitter

Sarah Mansour is an RnB pop artist whose dreamy harmonies make you feel sexy and nostalgic. The Lebanese-American singer can best describe her music as niche, but for everyone. Sarah’s style is inspired by her time in Los Angeles, while also drawing on her Lebanese roots. She recently released her debut single “When You Call,” followed by “Heaven Knows,” a collaboration with Taxi 404 rapper Aminn. Sarah is a strong advocate of being true to yourself and hopes that this message will empower others through her music.

Mariah Carey’s hit is Sarah’s favorite holiday song, so she decided to record it in her own way as a little gift for her listeners. Fueled by RnB/Soul synths, the track embodies a sultry, sexy feel and shines the spotlight on Sarah’s harmonic layers—just in time for a Christmas party, perfect for spending time with loved ones A cozy night.

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