Shanukkk video leaked, German tattoo artist dead – whats happened

A young tattoo artist has been identified as the woman whose body was laid to rest by Hamas terrorists after they attacked a street performer in a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday morning. Parading on the back of a pickup truck.

Shani Locke was one of hundreds of victims in Israel when Hamas attacked dance parties near Kibbutz Urim and other Israeli communities. The horrific attacks in the Jewish state have left more than 600 Israelis dead, more than 1,500 injured and dozens kidnapped. Her cousin told The Washington Post that the family recognized Shani, who was in her early 20s, in a video as disturbing footage of the violence quickly spread online.

Armed terrorists chanted “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “God is great”) as they paraded her body. Cousin Tom Weintraub Louk said her family reportedly tried to call her when they discovered Hamas had crossed the border from Gaza. At this point, they have not seen her video. “We know she was at the party,” she told the newspaper. “She didn’t answer.”

But another cousin discovered a video online of Shani showing her lifeless-looking body surrounded by armed gunmen in the back of a truck. One Hamas fighter put his leg around her waist and another grabbed her braid. Her legs were spread unnaturally in the back of the truck. Her parents viewed the video and confirmed it was their daughter, The Washington Post reported.

“We recognized her by her tattoos and she had long braids,” Luke said. It’s unclear if Shani is dead or where she is, but her family has not given up hope. “We have some hope,” Luke told The Washington Post. “Hamas is responsible for them and others.”

According to CNN, Shani’s mother Rikarda said in a video obtained by Bild: “This morning, my daughter Shani Nicole Louk was A German citizen was kidnapped by Palestinian Hamas along with a group of tourists in southern Israel.”

“We have received a video in which I can clearly see our daughter unconscious in a car as Palestinians drive through the Gaza Strip. I ask that you send us any help or messages. Thank you.”

Shani is a tattoo artist and hairdresser, according to social media accounts that appear to belong to her.

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