Shawna Trpcic dead and obituary, Koska Reeves Hollywood costume designer

With great sadness, we inform you that multiple Emmy-nominated and CDG Award-winning costume designer Shawna Trpcic has passed away unexpectedly.

“I studied every day and read every book that was published about Star Wars, especially the ones that included interviews with George Lucas where he talked to his designers,” Shawna Terpsic revealed. “He wanted the basic words from him.” That foundation was very useful in her work as a costume designer on “The Mandalorian.” The Disney+ series asks you to take her imagination to the farthest corners of the galaxy. The designer was nominated for an Emmy in the fantasy/sci-fi costume category for her ability to create fashion trends for a whole new planet. Watch the exclusive video interview above.

Trpcic was nominated for an Emmy for the episode “Chapter 22: Guns for Hire,” which takes viewers to the planet Plazir-15. Thanks to the flamboyant ruler Captain Bombardier (Jack Black, as imperial reformer) and the duchess (Lizzo), we get a glimpse of the planet’s high society. “It’s kind of like the childhood parts of Star Wars that we all love,” the designer explains of the intended tone. “She wanted to capture the royalty, the royalty and then the suspense.” She thought the scene had an “Alice in Wonderland” quality that perfectly balanced the trauma experienced from past wars.

The joy of “Wonderland” was immediately evident in Bombardier and the Duchess’ colorful outfits. They both wore bright blue suits with gold trim, while Lizzo used iridescent fabrics in her dress. “The two of them joining New Republic Blue is a good starting point,” Terpsic explained, referring to the new peaceful form of government that took power after the Empire’s defeat. Since Bombardier participated in the New Republic’s amnesty program, it was important for him to show his love for peace.

But in addition to this practical application, this strange attraction “can also bring a lot of subconscious happiness,” according to Terpsic. In this era of “Star Wars” lore, it’s rare to see society adopt colorful looks and Cinderella dresses. But now that the Bad Emperor is gone, these costume choices signal an opportunity for the galaxy to flourish. “Build a new world,” Trpsic said, “a new community, a peaceful and joyful community. And safe. “It should be safe. “

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