Shylily on reddit, videos and photos leaked, VTuber based in the Netherlands

Shylily became a popular orca VTuber overnight. Within a year, she had climbed past one million followers on Twitch by being unapologetically herself. Shylily changed the rules of the video platform by being an untapped talent that no one knew about.

VTubing requires more than just creating a static animated figure. Many animators put in the extra effort to create a story with a heart and memorable characters. There’s also a need for backstory and characters that feel like they’re part of the world.

Twitch is a video sharing platform with many popular users. One of the platform’s most successful VTubers is Shylily, who began streaming on the platform in 2015. Shylily gained popularity among 900,000 followers and she grew to rival some of the other popular users on the platform. Her fame was largely due to her outspoken nature regarding her past as an orca VTuber.

This event couldn’t have happened without a “meme bet” from 2015.

When she spoke with Dexerto, the streamer confessed that she lost a bet that forced her to broadcast Minecraft. My friend bet me that I would stream, which I lost.

I opened up OBS to begin streaming when I realized I needed to prepare my makeup. Originally, I planned to just open up OBS once I was done applying my makeup, but some fans stopped by to say hi before I could finish.

She didn’t start streaming until a few years later. Before then, she worked as an employee in her family’s restaurant business. She used the time she spent outside of streaming to interact with other people. Once streaming became more popular and she had more work, she deleted everything but her “Shylily” Twitch account.

After working hard to get her education and start a business, Ashley planned on using her new skills. She said that she was about to open a restaurant and launch her career at the same time.

When the global health crisis struck, she lost her job and had no other prospects. Consequently she found herself perched atop that deserted Twitch account, with a desire to return to life.

Because I was unemployed, there was nothing left to apply my efforts to. So I just started streaming again and found out about VTubing at the same time.

I started acting as Hatsune Miku because it was an enjoyable experience. I enjoyed being me and I love how it turned out. I incorporated a bit of the “role” into my life, but eventually I dropped that part. I don’t like the voice and high-pitched notes VTubing has to have. I simply discarded the app because it became painful to listen to after a while.

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