Simon Laidlaw obituary and dead, Popular late Club Member passed away

Simon, who sadly passed away last month aged just 49, had also lent his expertise to filming leading Club events such as BDC Silverstone and this year’s AGM at Wroxton.

What better way to honor the memory of the beloved late Club Member, Simon Laidlaw, than by tuning in to “Lost at Christmas,” a heartwarming festive rom-com set to premiere on TV this holiday season.

Simon, the former Scottish Region Secretary, and the mastermind behind the video production company, Cut Mustard, played a pivotal role as an associate producer and cameraman for the 2020 British film shot in Scotland. Notably, he even makes a brief on-screen appearance as a taxi driver, leaving us to wonder if he was behind the wheel of Ethel, his cherished 1929 4½ Litre (featured in Review issue 330, August 2020).

The storyline revolves around two strangers, portrayed by Kenny Boyle and Natalie Clark, both heartbroken and stranded in the scenic Scottish Highlands on Christmas Eve. Together, they embark on a journey to make it home in time for Christmas, weaving a tale of hope and camaraderie amid the festive season.

So, let’s raise a glass in remembrance of Simon Laidlaw and enjoy “Lost at Christmas,” a film that not only captures the spirit of the holidays but also stands as a testament to Simon’s passion for storytelling and filmmaking.

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