Sirona Ryan on reddit leaked Hogwarts Legacy, Whats happened?

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the newest character in the Hogwarts legacy, leading players to ask: Who is Sirona Ryan? Sirona Ryan is the latest addition to the Harry Potter series, a character who has never appeared in any Harry Potter books or movies. Other than that, it’s brand new to all of us, and a bit of a mystery. Fans have discussed the role at length, and how important she is and the impact she brings to the franchise, aside from a few changes. Read on to find out who Sirona Ryan is in Hogwarts’ legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Who Was Sirona Ryan?

Sirona Ryan is one of the characters walking around the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade where she works. Her character usually goes around profending customers and keeping the place safe for everyone, including herself. Sirona Ryan is obviously very fond of the Three Broomsticks and wants to make sure it’s a friendly place for everyone. Sirona’s personality is generally cheerful and friendly, and is helpful to the player throughout their journey to Hogsmeade. Sirona Lane, like herself in the game, was once a student of Hogwarts and is said to be a very powerful magic messenger.

During Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll inevitably interact with Sirona Ryan at some point. She’ll appear in the main story after you’ve defended Hogsmeade from evil armored trolls trying to warp the city. After you stop attacking, venture into the three broomsticks to avoid a few characters trying to chase you. There you will meet Sirona Ryan. Instead of trying to take on Sirona Ryan, the character chasing you will leave you and walk away after confronting Sirona.

Regardless of whether it is a new character or not, there is another reason why Sirona Ryan is discussed by many players. Sirona Ryan is the first transgender character to appear in the Harry Potter series. Although never explicitly mentioned, she tells you that when she was a witch, some of her former classmates often mistook her for a wizard.

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