Steph Oshiri leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter videos and photos

OnlyF plus-size model Steph Oshiri made some headlines a few weeks ago when she revealed that she was making $45,000 a month for her 55-inch butt. The 28-year-old shared with her followers on TikTok that she uses Moneymaker for more than just raising cash.

In her video, captioned “I hope that’s a joke,” Oshiri reveals that she used to use her vast collection of bootlegs. Specifically, she used it to smuggle bottles of wine to concerts. Oshiri explained in a video posted to her alternate account: “One of the things I used to do when I was young was stash a whole bottle of wine in my ass. I’m not kidding. I wish it was me.”

“Every time I go to a concert with my friends, I’m the one who has to hide the alcohol,” she says, turning around to get a better view of the camera. “I hope I’m joking.” Oshiri’s “in my bum” line confused many in her comment section. Some even asked for clarification or a demonstration.

Oshiri was unresponsive to many of her questions in the comments section. But she broke the record straight away with a demonstration video. In the video, she puts a bottle on the back of her jeans. So what she should have said is that she smuggled bottles of booze that she and her friends tucked down their pants to enjoy at concerts. I know what you’re thinking, it makes more sense.

You’re probably also wondering, like me, if there’s a better place to hide. You know, one could be more hygienic. After spending my hard-earned money on some tickets, I saved a few bucks on drinks, but in this case, I was paying a few bucks more for drinks that weren’t stored in the sun.

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