Stephanie Jackson bobby flay dead and obituary, Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist 

Stephanie Jackson is a highly experienced and fully certified Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist specializing in her passion for Microblading. Having received training and certification on London’s prestigious Harley Street, she earned her diploma in Micro-Pigmentation and established her practice at The Private House in South Kensington.

Throughout the past decade, Stephanie has remained at the forefront of Semi-Permanent Makeup and Microblading, continually enhancing her skills through rigorous training. She successfully completed two Microblading courses, including specialized training at the renowned PhiBrows Academy in London. Stephanie has gained widespread recognition for her eyebrow transformations, known as ‘SJBrows,’ which have become a prominent topic within the industry. Her dedication to her craft is evident, ensuring that each client receives the highest level of quality care and attention.

Stephanie’s personalized Microblading and Permanent Makeup services are renowned for being transformative, contributing to the expanding client base of SJBrows. Her approach, blending personal warmth with professionalism, focuses not only on achieving beautiful results but also ensuring the safety of her clients. All treatments adhere to safety guidelines, providing a relaxed environment for clients to achieve their desired look. Stephanie strives to make your experience stress-free, and she welcomes any inquiries you may have.

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