Steve Poponi dead and obituary, Up Up Down Down, Gradwell House death

South Jersey/Philadelphia music industry veteran Steve Poponi has died at the age of 48, reports say. Steve sings and plays guitar in the influential pop emo/math rock band Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right from Haddon Heights, NJ, and is the co-owner of Gradwell House Studios where he has collaborated with countless The band has worked together, including “Into It. Over It./The Progress to Alex G.”

Evan Weiss, from “Into It.” about it. “Progress” wrote: You are the reason why I pursue music. You are my biggest inspiration. Not just creatively, but as a person. As a mentor. You are the brother I never had. He taught me to respect the music but also not to take myself too seriously. Who taught me the art of satire. The ability to “rush” in a loving and respectful way.

We met in the basement of your house in 2001, and you were there for the next few years, and you were kind enough to invite me to join your band as my friends and I got used to our rough patches. My favorite band in the world. They helped me find and develop The Progress and IIOI. Both projects would exist the same way without you.

I’m glad you and I had such a great time in Chicago recently.

I’m glad you met Al. Steve – I love you. My life feels a little incomplete without you. Everywhere rooms are darker without you – they’re always lit. You burned such a smart man to death. You are the reason I pursue music. You are my biggest inspiration. Rest well, my friend.

Singer Ace Enders wrote on his Instagram Stories in early November:

It’s hard to find the right words to describe it. This man is a huge part of our musical journey. Whether he realized it or not, he inspired many of us. And teach us how to be unapologetically ourselves in an industry that always wants you to be different. I truly appreciate you and know that if I hadn’t met you in OG Gradwell’s basement in 1999, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you, I will miss you, my friend.

By Surprise’s Rob Wilcox, whose band is named after an Up Up Down Down song, posted a tribute to his Instagram Stories, writing: “My heart goes out to Steve Poponi’s family and South Jersey, Philadelphia Heartbroken for everyone in the area and Gladwell.” DIY Community. Whether Steve wants to take on that responsibility or not, you can respect him. The songs he has written over the past 30 years, while not prolific enough, are unparalleled.

[…] His influence will be felt for many years to come and I will cherish his memory.

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