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Jessica Audrey Wallis dead

A camping youtuber who I really like named Steve Wallis just posted that his wife passed away. Both my Gf and I are devastated by the news and wish him only the deepest sympathies. This totally sucks.

When Wallis first approached YouTube, he thought it was a forum for posting virally funny videos. After posting a video of himself camping in -32C weather and seeing the response in the comments section, he decided to focus on creating more of this content. Since launching on April 19, 2010, Wallis’ YouTube channel has focused on non-traditional camping styles such as “camping,” “urban stealth,” gold mining, “jungle adventures,” and backyard camping.

Many of his projects focus on “recamping for people,” where he camps in parking lots, lights fires with hand sanitizer, and avoids expensive camping gear. He also likes to drink a beer or other suitable beverage after camp, which he calls “step two.”

Starting in July 2020, he has been posting videos every Thursday with structured 15- to 25-minute videos about “building camp, getting the fire ready, cooking, going to bed, getting up, resting, and going.”

Wallis lives outside of Edson, Alberta, with his wife (called “Beautiful Wife” on his YouTube channel, although she doesn’t appear in any of the videos). He used to live in Edmonton, where he often does “invisibility camping.” Wallis owns a heating company. On August 25, 2022, Wallis announced on his YouTube channel that his wife had passed away unexpectedly.

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