Steven Assanti dead and obituary 2023, My 600-Lb Life Season 5 cause of death

🌟✨ Celebrating Steven Assanti’s Transformation and Determination: An Inspiring Journey to Wellness 🏋️‍♂️💪

Greetings to all lovers of stories of improvement! Today, we dive into the inspiring journey of Steven Assanti, who has captured the attention of many with his dedication and remarkable transformation. 🌈🔄

Courageously, Steven has publicly shared his journey to wellness, overcoming significant challenges related to his health and physical well-being. His determination to face adversity and adopt a healthier lifestyle has resonated with many, making him a beacon of hope and motivation.

Through the ups and downs, Steven has shown that positive change is possible with commitment and perseverance. His story reminds us of the importance of self-acceptance, self-care, and constant effort to achieve meaningful goals.

Let’s share in the comments how Steven Assanti’s story has inspired or motivated you on your own journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Do you have any personal experience of improvement that you would like to share? Let’s make this space a place of support and celebration for all those seeking to achieve their best version! 💬💙 #StevenAssanti #PersonalTransformation #WellbeingInspira 🌟💖

In the episode featuring Justin and Steven Assanti, famously known as the Assanti Brothers, on the television series “My 600-Lb Life” alongside Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, it’s time to delve into what has transpired in the lives of these well-known siblings since their appearance on the show. Six years have passed since their television debut during Season 5, Episode 13. The Assanti brothers have since moved forward with their lives, sparking curiosity about their current situations.

Dr. Now, the renowned Texas-based bariatric surgeon, guides his morbidly obese patients, weighing over 600 pounds, as they strive to shed weight under his expert supervision. Dr. Now’s strict weight loss regimens test the patients’ determination, ensuring they become eligible candidates for the transformative surgery.

Before meeting the criteria for bariatric surgery, Steven faced challenges, including being expelled from the hospital due to substance abuse issues and alleged verbal abuse towards medical staff. In contrast, Justin adhered to his routine, ultimately meeting the requirements for the operation. The Assanti brothers developed their food addictions as a result of challenging upbringings, leading them to turn to emotional eating. Steven gained notoriety for being perceived as an unsavory character, while Justin maintained a more reserved demeanor throughout the show.

The relationship between the brothers remained strained, and it appears little has changed since. According to Cheatsheet, the Assanti brothers are currently not on speaking terms. Steven, the heavier of the two, once reached a weight exceeding 800 pounds, while Justin’s highest weight was slightly over 600 pounds. In a “Where Are They Now?” special, Steven claimed to have lost over 300 pounds, bringing his weight to around 500 pounds. However, Dr. Now expressed skepticism, suggesting that Steven’s weight might be higher. Justin reported a weight loss of 200 pounds after undergoing the bariatric procedure.

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