Sturm Der liebe 4163 video leaked, deutsche bahn vorstand boni – hart aber fair heute gäste

sturm der liebe 4164 ard mediathek video heute

After the argument with Greta, Noah no longer sees any reason to give up his career opportunity and meets Verena again. However, in this meeting he makes a serious mistake. Ana is skeptical about Wilma that Philipp is after his great-aunt’s fortune.

Nevertheless, Ana begins to think, as this is not the first time that she has been warned about Philipp. Tensions between Markus and Christoph remain high. When Markus learns that Julian will be taken to court because of the accident, he decides to approach Christoph. Ultimately, their jealous argument was the trigger for Julian’s accident.

I really appreciate SDL. Why many viewers praise the older seasons so much remains a mystery to me. Was everything really better back then? I prefer to look to the future. I particularly like the role of Greta; she is unique and confident. I also find Katja’s character fascinating.

I think her role will become even more prominent. I like to follow developments – farewells, weddings, craziness, breakups, love stories, surprises… just like in real life, everything is in motion. Great! A thank you to the SDL team for the great entertainment.

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