Sugar bowl flash video leaked,  woman flashing chest on Bourbon Street

ESPN apologized Monday night for airing video footage of a woman’s exposed breasts during a live broadcast of the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

The ad aired during the second half of Washington’s 37-31 victory over Texas in the College Football Playoff semifinals. A video of people walking on Bourbon Street in New Orleans shows a woman pulling down her top to expose her breasts.

“We regret that this happened and apologize for the video that was shown on television,” ESPN’s Bill Hofheimer said in a statement to The Associated Press.

Texas tried to get back into the end zone before time expired. Quinn Ewers threw a couple of great passes to get the Longhorns close to the end zone. He missed his final three passes when his pass to Adonai Mitchell was blocked by Washington’s Elijah Jackson.

“These guys are the most resilient guys I’ve ever seen,” Huskies coach Karen DeBoer said after the game.

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