Surekha Vani leaked video, Telugu actress Surekha Vani reacts

Surekha Vani, a well-known actress from Telugu cinema, has issued a statement in response to the recent controversy surrounding her after her contact information was discovered on the phone of a drug dealer. In her social media post, the actress implored the media to refrain from involving her in any unwarranted disputes that could potentially harm her and her daughter’s future. Other prominent figures from the television and film industries have yet to address the situation. In a similar incident that occurred a few years ago, several celebrities were implicated in a drug scandal, but as no evidence was found to support their involvement, the matter was not pursued any further.

Surekha Vani, a well-known actress recognized for her portrayal of characters and significant roles in Telugu cinema, has recently become embroiled in a controversy. This stems from the discovery of her phone number on the contact list of KP Chowdary, a drug peddler who has been at the center of a sensational scandal in Hyderabad for the past few days.

Local Telugu media and YouTube channels have recently brought attention to the name of a beautiful actress along with her Instagram photos. The actress has now responded to these claims on social media, urging everyone to refrain from involving them in unnecessary conflicts that could adversely affect their lives and future prospects. She additionally mentioned her unmarried daughter as a reason to avoid such disputes. Furthermore, she made an appeal to the media to avoid making news or videos about them that could endanger their lives.

The Tollywood drug scandal, which caused a stir a few years ago, ultimately resulted in no findings of guilt. However, the celebrities who were embroiled in the trial faced difficulties over the past few months in relation to these accusations. Despite the lack of evidence implicating them in the drug peddling or fraudulent activities, the issue remained a point of contention for some time before fading into obscurity.

As per reports from the latest survey, only Surekhavani has issued a statement in response to the allegations. However, there are several other notable figures from the television and film industries who have yet to address the accusations.

During an awareness event, Nikhil, the actor from ‘Spy’, made a statement yesterday that he was offered drugs in the past. He claimed to have rejected the offer and achieved success in his career by avoiding such activities. As for the other accused, only time will tell what their response will be to these allegations.

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