Susanna Gibson leaked videos on twitter and telegram – Virginia Democrat candidate

A Democrat running for a key seat in Virginia’s House of Representatives performed a sex act on her husband in front of a live online audience and asked viewers to “tip” her for certain requests, according to online videos, The Washington Post reported.

Susanna Gibson, a nurse and mother-of-two working in the competitive suburb of Richmond, live-streamed sex acts on Chaturbate, the platform allegedly named after “masturbating while chatting online” the behavior of”.

Chaturbate videos are live streamed on this site and are often archived on other publicly accessible sites. In September 2022, more than a dozen videos of the couple recorded on Chaturbate streams after she entered the contest were archived on one of the sites, Recurbate. Both videos were last archived on September 30, 2022. It’s unclear when the live broadcast will take place.

Although the videos are still listed on Recurbate, they were no longer available as of Saturday after a Republican operative alerted The Washington Post. However, the videos still exist on another unprotected website accessed by The Washington Post. The Washington Post confirmed that at least two other publicly accessible websites also showed explicit stills from the videos.

Gibson, 40, asked for “tips” on how to perform certain actions in the video, a clear violation of Chaturbate’s terms and conditions, which state: “Requesting or requesting tips for certain actions may result in the exclusion of all parties involved” from the platform. “

In at least two videos, she told viewers she was “raising money for a good cause.”

In several videos, Gibson interrupts sexual activity to type on his bedside computer. She speaks directly to the screen, encouraging viewers to leave tips, which are paid for through “tokens” purchased through the site. In at least two videos, she agreed to perform certain acts only in “private rooms,” an agreement that required viewers to pay more. When asked to perform a specific action, she responded, “I need more tokens before I let him do this.” “Tokens, no. More. Raise money for a good cause.”

When the tip seemed to arrive, she almost immediately said “thank you” five times and told her husband she would approve of the act. Gibson took the lead in addressing the video audience, which was watched by The Washington Post, but at one point was joined by her attorney husband, saying, “Come on, guys,” repeating her request for a tip. In a written statement, Gibson called the release of the videos “an unlawful invasion of my privacy and intended to humiliate me and my family.”

“It doesn’t scare me and it doesn’t silence me,” she said. “My political opponents and their Republican allies have proven they are willing to commit sexual crimes to attack me and my family because they will not cross any line to silence women when they speak out.”

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