Susanna Penttilä ylilauta leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, Who is and whats happened

Susanna Penttilä, who is about to turn 50, decided to conquer new territories in February and created an account on the OnlyF website. Penttilä started selling his bold photos on the site, which he had previously posted mostly on Instagram.

To Penttilä’s surprise, his OnlyF account was activated immediately. He said he made about $40,000, or almost 37,000 euros, in the first month. IS has recognized Penttilä’s revenue. It’s kind of funny that I get Helen’s CEO salary, says Penttilä with interest.

Taloussanomat reported earlier this year that the energy company’s chief executive earns about 30,000 euros a month.

Penttilä has set the monthly fee for his account to 9.49 EUR. Part of the income is taken over by OnlyF, who has not yet withdrawn one euro from his account. I am currently looking for a lawyer specializing in tax law and planning to set up a limited liability company. I want to make sure that everything goes well and doesn’t interfere with my main job at the clothing store.

Penttilä introduces himself to OnlyF at home. She posted photos and videos of her bare breasts on the service, but declined to reveal more. I’m not supposed to show my nipples there, initially I didn’t. Then I realized there was a lot of money here, and two years ago my playboy pics were free on google. However, I’m careful not to do porn and show everything.

Now, Penttilä plans to make his business even more professional. She plans to hire a photographer and makeup artist for several proper photo shoots each month. Big life changes are also about to happen as he even moves to a bigger house to focus on his paintings. I need a bigger home because I need a workplace and a studio. I am also keeping my current home, but my son and I have rented a new one.

——Of course, all this costs a lot of money, and even if the income is good, I will not make a fortune here. I want to do everything at once, whenever possible.

I get a lot of funny photos on Instagram. I don’t open them, but there are a lot of them. If I open a lollipop on OnlyF, the sender has to pay $20 for it. Now I can charge and anyone can post on IG.

According to Penttilä, most of his followers are between 25 and 30 years old. He praised the young man for his politeness and thoughtfulness. Penttilä communicated with his many followers. They are very affectionate and some are really lonely. I try to be nice to them. I like young people because they don’t swear. If it was an uncle, he might say something disgusting. If they swear, I’m very strict about removing them from there.

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