Sylvain Lessard dead and obituary, Certified Real Estate Broker death

Sylvain Lessard was appointed vice president and general manager of the company’s Casa Berardi mine in September 2022. Prior to joining Hecla, Mr. Lessard served as Executive Vice President of Mining for Tacora Resources’ Scully Mine from 2020 to 2022. He also served as general manager of ArcelorMittal Canada’s Fire Lake and Mt. Write mines from 2017 to 2020, as the company’s Fire Lake mine manager from 2015 to 2017, and as manager of the company’s Fire Lake mine from 2012 to 2015. Serves as Mine Manager.

The Lakeshore Canadiens community mourns the loss of a beloved member, Sylvain Lessard. His passing has left a void in our hearts as we gather to honor an accomplished player and a treasured friend who had a significant impact on our organization and the entire hockey community. Sylvain Lessard’s path into the world of ice hockey was marked by his exceptional skills and commitment to the sport. He honed his skills during his formative years in the Windsor AAA system, laying the foundation for a promising career. His experience as a youth hockey player not only shaped his skills but also his character and instilled in him the values ​​of teamwork, discipline and the pursuit of excellence.

Sylvain’s talent and commitment to the game were evident when he moved to the Leamington Flyers in Junior B grade. He played two years with the Flyers and left an indelible impression on the team and fans. His presence on the ice is characterized by his skillful play, competitive spirit and passion for the game. He was more than just a player; He was a source of inspiration to his teammates and a symbol of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The Lakeshore Canadiens community will forever be grateful for Sylvain Lessard’s contributions to our organization. As a talented and dedicated athlete, he serves as a shining example to young athletes in our community of the rewards of hard work and determination.

Our deepest condolences go out to Sylvain Lessard’s family and loved ones at this sad time. The loss of a loved family member is a heavy burden and our thoughts are with them as they go through this difficult time. We share their grief and offer our support and comfort. Sylvain’s memory will continue to inspire us on and off the ice. His love for the game, his dedication and the values ​​he embodies will forever remind us of the positive impact one person can have on the world of hockey. While he may no longer be with us, his spirit lives on in the hearts of everyone who was fortunate enough to know him, and his legacy will continue to inspire and inspire future generations of hockey players in the Lakeshore Canadiens community.

Previously, Mr. Lessard served as Mining Manager for Consolidated Thompsons\Cliffs Bloom Lake Mine from 2011 to 2012 and as Project Manager for the Rio Tinto-IOC Kiewit Expansion from 2009 to 2011.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Lessard served as General Manager of First Metals Inc.’s Fabie Mine from 2006 to 2008 and served as a blasting specialist at multiple mining operations mining gold, copper, zinc and diamonds. He is a mining engineer with over 30 years of experience in surface and underground mining and processing.

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