Tammy Tay leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, videos and photos

Stigmatized or not, it’s widely believed that OnlyF creators are successful creators who make a lot of money – and influencer Tammy Tay can attest to that.

The 30-year-old recently appeared on the YouTube talk show Just Saying and was one of three OnlyF creators interviewed on Our Grandfather Story’s Can Ask Meh show.

Tay has publicly disclosed that she took out a six-figure loan to keep her beauty business going during the pandemic. She runs two brick-and-mortar stores in Joo Chiat – a facial salon and a “pampering salon”.

But Tay said the industry was forced to shut down because of distancing measures, and business was hit so hard that she lost five-figure sums for months in a row.

The entrepreneur refused to close her shop and was “sad” about firing her staff, taking out a loan to cover rent and staff costs.

Although it’s a five-year loan, Tay said she could pay it back in 10 months or less thanks to her work at OnlyF.

The creator announced her entry to the platform in late July, reiterating that she was making “crazy returns” on her content.

However, when asked how much money she made, Tay vaguely said a month was “five figures”.

In addition to subscribing to her content, fans can pay S$40 (for starters) to unlock Tay’s Telegram service, where she prioritizes customers who tip her more.

Pay-per-view videos are also a great source of income, as that’s where she earns the most.

Tay said that if OnlyF didn’t exist, she didn’t know how to pay off the loan because she didn’t have much education and didn’t have a normal resume.

Regarding the stigma and what her two children (ages 7 and 8) might be thinking, the creator said she was willing to tell them her story while raising them as people who would understand them.

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