Tarver braddock monroe la dead, Obituary Neville High School Student

Tarver Braddock, a 15-year-old student from Neville High School in Monroe, tragically lost his life in a fire at a deer camp on January 5, 2023. Additionally, five of his classmates suffered injuries in the incident.

Jeff Tannehill, the football coach at Neville High School, confirmed Tarver Braddock’s death and urged people to send love and support to the grieving family.

Reports indicate that Tarver and several other students were at a hunting camp in Jefferson County, Mississippi, when a fire erupted on the camp’s porch early Friday morning. Despite efforts by his friends to rescue him from the burning camp, Tarver did not survive. Upon arrival, officers found him dead, and five other students who managed to exit the camp were injured at the scene, according to Sheriff James Bailey.

The Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office reported that two of the injured students were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, with one being transferred to the burn center at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The other two have been released.

Tarver Braddock, a junior defensive back for Neville High School’s football team, the Tigers, is being mourned by the school’s staff and students. Football coach Jeff Tannehill expressed deep sadness over the tragic incident and called for prayers for Tarver’s family and the other affected young men and their families.

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