taylor_jevaux leaked onlyf videos on reddit, Twitch hot tub streamer Taylor Jevaux

While genre stars like Amouranth and Indiefoxx have made it the biggest trend in streaming, Twitch’s swirling metadata may not have reached the peak of its popularity. But one anchor, Taylor Jevaux, has mastered the art of the hot tub — and it rarely involves being in front of the camera.

With over 1.6 million followers, Jevaux is one of the top 20 most-followed female streamers on Twitch – although in May 2021, that’s a significant increase of over 1 million followers, which could be a follower bot or Twitch wrong result.

Although ratings fell in the ensuing 12 months as the Whirlpool meta faded, Taylor’s channel is booming again in 2022, with her average viewership growing to 8,500 in June. But there’s something really quirky about Taylor’s livestream that sets it apart from just about everyone else: She’s rarely actually there.

While each stream lasts about four hours, Taylor is typically invisible more than 90 percent of the time. Instead, she stood next to the cameras, talking to viewers who spent hours staring at the inflatable hot tub.

Throughout the stream, Taylor will keep repeating that she’s “moving forward” and do regular countdowns — often hitting zero and then nothing happens. Sometimes the countdown has just started. With the increasing amount of chat spam like “scam” and “boring”. Is this a new Twitch metadata? Just building ongoing anticipation for the streamer that ends up in the big reveal?

The weirdest thing is that ratings often peak before Taylor shows up, and drop off once she’s actually done squatting or whatever is scheduled for the day. Presumably because of how long it takes for people to watch live broadcasts to appear. Is the structure more exciting than the content itself?

While Taylor draws more than 6,000 viewers and as many as 9,000 viewers on most streams, Taylor’s screen subscriber numbers are also suspiciously low, with just 41 subscribers as of July 14. However, Taylor’s subscribers are actually the same as 1,200, according to Twitch statistics site StreamsCharts. Unsurprisingly, the chat on these streams is pretty toxic. Many viewers lamented that Taylor waited a long time to be on camera and then became too critical during her brief appearances.

However, Taylor didn’t seem to care at all. She may have completely mastered the art of reaching thousands of Twitch viewers at a time — and it works.

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