Terah Meishalyn dead and obituary, Arkansas woman goes viral staging

An Arkansas homeowner was horrified to learn her leaky roof would cost $10,000 to fix, so she devised a “fun” scheme to raise money by taking lewd photos of her roof and posting them online .

Terah Meishalyn, 24, bought a home in Little Rock less than a year ago when she noticed a leak in the roof last month. The contractor told her the entire roof would have to be replaced at a cost of about $10,000, which her home insurance company said she would not pay.

“I was like, ‘Holy crap, how am I going to scrape together $10,000 to fix a problem that obviously needs to be fixed as quickly as possible?'” Mechalin told the Kennedy News Agency. “I’m obviously a bit frustrated about it, and I figured I’d better approach the situation with a sense of humor because I can laugh and cry.”

In response to the situation, she took a series of photos on her roof and posted the self-described “stupid” photos to a Facebook group for people’s opinions. She subsequently garnered thousands of likes and comments.

“People started to comment and say, ‘Just start an OnlyFans — make money from it,'” former dental assistant Mechalin said of Facebook’s comments.

“I have a job, but I think I’m beautiful, and thought I might make a decent amount of money through OnlyFans, and this would be a really quick way to raise that money,” small business owner Mechalin told Kennedy information. “So that’s why I started it in the first place.”

She said she thought it was “fun” to take some risqué photos on a rooftop in a black bodysuit and post them online, but she “realized very quickly that I wasn’t the type to take those photos.”

“I thought it would be so much fun if I started taking pornographic pictures on my roof, it would definitely be very unusual, wouldn’t it? Most people just lay in bed or sit on a chair or something when posting lewd pictures .

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