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At Teachers’ Treasures, an Indianapolis-based free store supporting educators with school supplies, executive director Margaret Sheehan remains amazed by a stroke of incredible fortune—a call offering her nonprofit more than $1 million.

Reflecting on the unexpected generosity, Sheehan shared with CBS News, “It was an act of amazing kindness to which I responded, ‘I need to sit down.'”

This remarkable act extended beyond Teachers’ Treasures, as various nonprofits in Indianapolis experienced a similar windfall over the past two years.

Emmy Hildebrand, CEO of Helping Veterans and Families of Indiana, recalled the moment: “The first thing he said was, ‘What would you do with $1 million?'” Julie Henson, vice president of development for Coburn Place, a support and housing provider for domestic violence survivors, added, “We hovered above our own bodies, thinking, like, is this real?”

The man orchestrating this benevolent initiative was attorney Dwayne Isaacs. However, many recipients initially found it hard to believe the offer’s legitimacy, with some even declining the opportunity.

Isaacs clarified that the money didn’t belong to him but was part of the $13 million estate left by Terry Kahn, a man who worked for the Veterans Administration for three decades and lived frugally. Despite his modest lifestyle, Kahn directed his entire estate to charity.

Kahn’s will didn’t specify a particular charity, prompting Isaacs to reach out to potential beneficiaries. Ultimately, around a dozen nonprofits, including Teachers’ Treasures, received a share of the estate, with the former doubling its annual budget with a substantial $1.5 million contribution.

Sheehan expressed gratitude, stating, “Forever changed because of his choice and how he lived.” Isaacs believes Kahn would be pleased with the impact, saying, “He’s smiling someplace; there’s no doubt about it. He would be getting a kick out of this.”

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