Transition game american basketball players release manga

Transition Game would be a breakthrough for the sports comic genre with its unique origins. Even though Robin Lopez is one of the best basketball players in the world, he’s also an avid comic book nerd and anime lover just like the rest of us. So he decided to combine all the things he was passionate about into one thing.

NBA players Brook (Bucks) and Robin (Wizards) Lopez and their brother Christopher Lopez have released a new basketball comic called Transition Game. Japanese manga artist TATSUZ will draw the manga.

English, Japanese, and Chinese versions of the first chapter of the manga are available on the official website. The story follows Cameron Ford, a teenage American basketball player whose life turns into a mess when his mother, who is serving in the Navy, is promoted to a new post in Japan. 42 seconds before the end, the first chapter of the fourth quarter of the U17 German Club Championship final kicked off. The prodigy must step up and help his team win the championship!

The manga is colorful and the art style is very reminiscent of manga. TATSUZ seems to have succeeded in bringing Robin’s love of traditional manga into the manga.

Robin paved the way for other NBA players interested in creating their own cartoons to get involved in the project. So it’s only a matter of time before we see Giannis and Cameron play together in the story.

Transition Game is a basketball manga created by Christopher Lopez and illustrated by artist Tatsuz.

In the last game of the German U17 Club Championship, 42 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, two seconds behind the team, the 15-year-old American Cameron Ford led his team back to the noisy arena.

When the referee blows his whistle to resume play, the pressure can be felt. Can the young basketball prodigy lead his team to a title?

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