Tristyn Bailey autopsy photos leaked, The murder that sent shockwaves

The teen killer who killed 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey will find out Friday morning whether he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Aiden Fucci, 16, faces at least 40 years in prison for stabbing Tristin 114 times in his St. John’s County community on Mother’s Day 2021. Since he was a minor, his sentence will be retried after 25 years.

In their victim statement, Tristin’s family asked Fucci to get the maximum sentence. They do not believe he will repent and say his apology in February’s guilty plea was a “lie”.

The Fauci family begged for mercy. His mother wrote in a letter to the judge that he was “irreparable,” while Fucci’s grandmother testified that she believed he could recover with counseling and therapy.

What drawings were found in Aiden Fucci’s bedroom?

The second witness of the day was Marilyn Butts, a forensic technician with the Sheriff’s Office. She took dozens of photos at the crime scene and at Fucci’s home.

Tristyn had a $20 bill, a vaping pen, a ring and a cell phone when she was photographed, she said. At Fucci’s home and bedroom, she provided photo files of his Nikes, a white T-shirt and blue jeans, possibly stained with blood.

On his desk is a diary with some drawings. One of them is a sadist with a knife. Under cross-examination, Butz testified that she did not know exactly who painted her.

The next witness, St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kurt Hannon, noted that Fauci’s best friend and best friend both said he was obsessed with knives and carried one with him and performed the attack. demo. He even called them “pickers” and “playing cards.”

How about Aiden Fucci on Snapchat?

During the investigation, Hannon put Fauci in the back of his police car and pointed out that he was using his phone to post on social media. The court was then shown two photos and two videos posted on Snapchat. Fucci talks to his best friend about sitting in the backseat of an explosive police car. Hannon said he said something like, “Hey guys, has anyone seen Tristin Bailey lately?”

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