Uday Pandhi leaked winner, MTV Hustle 03 Represent today finale

India witnessed a spectacular culmination of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT, the pioneering rap reality show, with an intense finale that saw Delhi’s Uday Pandhi emerging as the undisputed champion. The Dee MC Dynamites maestro not only claimed the highly coveted title but also won the hearts of millions throughout his remarkable 10-week journey.

Uday Pandhi, the next desi hip-hop sensation, celebrated his victory as he etched his name in the annals of MTV Hustle history. Jhansi’s exceptionally talented Bassick secured the runner-up position, while the conscious rapper 100RBH from Amravati clinched the prestigious OG Hustler trophy.

The grand finale of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT transformed into a battleground of sheer talent, featuring stellar performances from finalists Mrunal Shankar, Kayden Sharma, Vijay Dada, Bassick, 100RBH, and the ultimate winner, Uday Pandhi. These top 6 contestants showcased their mettle, navigating through a rollercoaster of challenges. The episode, marked by unparalleled performances, surprising eliminations, and touching emotional moments, captivated fans nationwide.

Expressing his joy about the win, Uday Pandhi stated, “MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT has been more than just a stage; it’s been an incredible journey of learning, hard work, and experimentation. I was fortunate to be a part of this phenomenon that allowed me to push boundaries, step out of my comfort zone, and evolve as an artist. Dee MC, my Squad Boss, provided unwavering support throughout this process. Winning this trophy is like a dream, and I am humbled by this honor!”

Reflecting on Uday’s remarkable victory, global rap artist and supremo Badshah commented, “On MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT, we are not just crafting verses; we are shaping legacies. I am genuinely delighted to see Uday emerge victorious; he truly deserved this title. I take pride in every contestant who graced this stage, and I wish them all the best in the future. I am thrilled to collaborate with MTV Hustle once again and anticipate a longstanding partnership with initiatives like these that aptly contribute to talent discovery and the refinement of creative skills within India’s burgeoning hip-hop scene.”

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