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The Jeffrey Dahmer Story depicted on Netflix was discussed and brought back to viewers’ attention of the serial killer’s actions.

Evan Peters portrayed the series as a television series starring American Horror Story actor. The series follows US murderer Jeffrey McKnight as he committed 17 murders between 1978 and 1991. He also eluded the police by hiding in secret places. Shaun J. Brown escaped from McKnight in July 1991 when he was drugged and tried to murder him. This led to the police learning the full extent of McKnight’s crimes 13 years prior.

The first episode of Monster included observations about Jeffrey’s character made through his murderous rampages. One of these revelations was that he captured Polaroid pictures of his victims after killing them. These photos were to document the horrific damage he inflicted on his victims. Jeffrey believed these photos would eventually convict him of murder. Here’s why he took the pictures, and what you need to know about the photographs that would ultimately get him into trouble.

A handcuffed Tracy Edwards spotted Milwaukee police at 11:30 PM on July 22, 1991. He told the officers that a freak kidnapped and handcuffed him. Edwards asked the officers to help him get the handcuffs off to avoid getting hurt. When authorities couldn’t unlock his bonds with keys, he suggested they return to Jeffrey’s apartment.

When the officers entered the premises, they noticed an unpleasant odor coming from the living space. Further investigation led them to Tracy, who told them Jeffrey used his bedroom as a murder cabinet. Paraphasing her statement, the officers discovered hydrochloric acid scattered across the floor.

Inside Jeffrey’s drawer were pictures of the victim’s body parts floating around 84 different locations. The officers who viewed the pictures could tell by Rolf Mueller’s expression that they were legitimate. With Jeffrey unable to fight off arrest and sentence to death, he screamed out in defiance to the end of his line. Having handcuffs slapped on him at once, he shouted, “But why? Why should I die?”

The Sun reports that McArthur kept some of his victims’ body parts as souvenirs. For example, McArthur allegedly kept a human heart in a jar and skulls in ajar. Additionally, the authorities found photo evidence that corroborated his crimes.

Jeffrey used his photography to document every aspect of his murders in order to experience each event through multiple repetitions. According to, this was also intended to provide him with photos illustrating his victims at different stages of the murder process so he could remember each action.

The reasons given by ELLE Australia for Jeffrey storing his photographs and body parts were because of The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology. The article stated that he often felt socially isolated and Lost in the Adventure of Life. To remedy this, Jeffrey kept memorabilia to keep him company.

According to evidence presenting at his arrest in 1991, Jeffrey killed 16 people. He died in prison in 1994 after receiving 16 life sentences for his crimes. Additionally, his death was coupled with evidence that led to him pleading guilty to 16 counts of murder.

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