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Verbal Ase has become a renowned figure in the underground scene, captivating audiences with his unique beatboxing talents and putting his own spin on this lesser-explored facet of Hip Hop. While breakdancing often takes center stage among subway performers, Verbal Ase’s beatboxing prowess brings a distinctive flavor to the eclectic mix.

Originally hailing from Montclair, CA, Verbal Ase relocated to Las Vegas in 1996, where he discovered his passion for beatboxing during his high school years. Even as a child, he exhibited a knack for creating sound effects, mimicking everything from classic video games to daily noises. This distinctive skill set set him apart, transforming him from one of the nerdy kids in school to a dynamic personality. verbalase vivziepop full video

Verbal Ase’s journey into beatboxing unfolded when he started showcasing his talent in high school, earning recognition and word-of-mouth praise. Encouraged by others, he began contemplating a professional career in beatboxing. The unique sounds he incorporated, from crickets to fly noises, cell phones, voice impersonations, and other effects, added layers of creativity to his performances.

In 2008, Verbal Ase took his act to New York City, performing at the New Victory Theater with the breakdancing group Knucklehead Zoo. His standout beatboxing abilities caught the attention of the audience, setting the stage for his return to NYC in 2011 for the Annual American Human Beatbox Festival at La Mama Theater. His exceptional sound effects set him apart, and an invitation to perform in the NYC subway system alongside a Japanese beatboxer marked a turning point.

Embracing the lucrative potential of subway performances, Verbal Ase opted to continue, finding fulfillment and financial rewards. Despite the challenges and the illegality of subway car performances, a viral video brought attention to his unique talents. Eventually, he learned about the Music Under New York program, providing a legal platform for musicians. After successfully auditioning, Verbal Ase secured a permit, allowing him to perform legally in prominent subway stations.

Verbal Ase’s journey from a kid mimicking sounds to a celebrated beatboxer illustrates the transformative power of passion and talent, making him a standout artist in the dynamic world of underground performance art. 🎤🚇 #Beatboxing #NYCUnderground #VerbalAseJourney

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