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DSLR cameras have been known to help you achieve this blur effect, but there are now dozens of apps that can help you achieve the same effect without spending hundreds of dollars on a new camera. This article will introduce you to the 10 best bokeh apps for iPhone and Android based on our own testing, so you can start editing right away.

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The word “bokeh” or “boke” refers to the Japanese concept of “blur”. In its simplest form, it is a style of photography in which one object takes center stage and everything else is strategically blurred.

Using the bokeh effect is a great way to separate the focus of a photo from the out of focus. Not only can it emphasize the focal point of an image, but it can also help get rid of awkward or unwanted backgrounds. Blurred backgrounds are designed to keep your focus in the absolute center of your audience’s attention.

Part 2: Top 10 Best Apps for Bokeh Effects for iOS and Android

video bokeh effect app full video bokeh museum twitter

As mentioned, there are other ways to achieve the bokeh effect without using an expensive and often fidgety DSLR. The following applications are considered the best based on the various characteristics mentioned below.

Focos – iOS – Free

The Focos app for iPhone is a free resource that uses computational photography and light field camera settings to help you achieve the perfect blur. It enables users to apply a bokeh effect to the background and foreground of an image, and offers a variety of options to adjust size and transparency.

How to create bokeh effect in Focos:

Download the app from the App Store and allow it to access your camera and camera roll;
Import the image you want to use or take a photo with the app’s camera.
Use the slider function to adjust focus and blur transparency;
Adding Bokeh Effects Using the Focos App

To add more bokeh effects, select the star effect feature at the bottom right of the screen.
Add more bokeh effects with the Focos app

Once you’re happy with the result, you can use the app to save to your camera roll or share to other apps, including Instagram.

Photo Editor Pro – Android – Free
Add more bokeh effects with the Photo Editor Pro app

Photo Editor Pro is a free app that allows users to achieve bokeh effects using 4 different camera modes. Users can also adjust the transparency of the selected bokeh effect.

How to Create Bokeh Effect in Photo Editor Pro:

Download the app and allow access to the camera and camera roll.
Select the image you want via camera or camera roll;
Choose between a variety of backgrounds and blending tools, and customize them using the app’s customizable features, then download to camera roll or upload to 3rd party apps.

The Auto Blur Background app for iOS and Android is another free resource for creating images with bokeh effects. The app allows users to choose the size and amount of background blur they want, giving users a lot of control over the results of their photos. It allows users to add overlays on top of the bokeh effect to improve the overall effect.