Actor-composer Vijay Antony’s daughter Laura hangs herself – Laara vijay dead

Actor-composer Vijay Antony’s daughter Laura (16) hangs herself Laara vijay antony

#BREAKING || Actor-composer Vijay Antony’s daughter Laura (16) hangs herself Laura, who was studying in class 12, was said to be depressed Suicide by hanging at 3 am in the house on DDK Road, Chennai

Actor and music director Vijay Antony has announced that he will file a defamation case against a YouTube user who made serious accusations against many people, including himself, in a recent video.

In her video, the YouTuber alleged that someone sabotaged AR Rahman’s ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ concert. She also claimed that Vijay Antony sent a voice message to a journalist urging him not to let Rahman off easily as he was only now being properly “locked up”.

Vijay Antony said in a statement that he was in some pain and tried to put an end to some controversy with his statement.

“A sister has spread lies about me and my brother AR Rahman through her YouTube channel. Whatever she says is a lie,” Vijay Antony said in a brief statement in Tamil.

He added: “I will be filing a defamation lawsuit against the YouTube channel that posted the video. Whatever I gain from this defamation lawsuit, I plan to give it all to struggling members of the music industry.”

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Music Director Rahman’s ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ concert was held on September 10 at Adityaram Palace City, ECR, Chennai. Poor organization of the event resulted in some people going home without attending the concert despite purchasing tickets worth thousands.

Fans attending the concert said the venue was overcrowded because organizers sold more tickets than they should.

Some fans complained that they felt panicked and suffocated due to the large crowd; some women said they were mistreated at the venue.

The organizers (ACTC Events) and music director Rahman faced severe criticism from fans and the public as traffic jams around the venue inconvenienced both live audiences and the embattled public.

These harsh criticisms led Hemans, founder and CEO of concert organizing company ACTC, to unconditionally apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable at the concert and take full responsibility for the poor organization of the concert.

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