Vikas Sharma republic bharat, Republic Media Network mourns

A terrible loss recently befell us. Our beloved colleague Vikas Sharma died on February 4, 2021. Vikas suffered complications and lingering effects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COVID) with great fortitude. His spirit and perseverance shine through his entire life.

Vikas was one of the most popular television news anchors in India. After joining Republic Bharat as part of the launch team, he spent two years bringing out the unique aspects of every story he covered. As a reporter, Vikas was known for his exceptional focus when reporting from the field. During his journeys as a reporter, he traveled across the length and breadth of India. When hosting his shows from the field, Vikas brought together a level of news coverage that made him one of the most respected and admired journalists in his country.

Vikas was an exceptional anchor, reporter and talent. He was fearless, talented and dedicated to his craft; he was also an inspiration to all. As a reporter and human being, he had limitless abilities.

One of the most popular and admired news anchors in Hindi journalism is Vikas. He was very well loved as a child, but he gained fame in his 20s as one of the best-known names in Hindi journalism. Vikas is fearless, nationalistic, and proud to be an Indian. He loved reporting from difficult locations due to his fierce dedication to his country through his work as a journalist.

Vikas created his popular 9 PM show titled “ये भारत की बात है” (Yeh Bharat Ki Baat Hain) by working hard and dedicating himself to his craft. His show was well known throughout the nation; it is even credited with establishing itself as a household name. Each episode he produced changed millions of viewers, supporters, fans and followers forever. Vikas’ drive and passion inspired the Republic Bharat newsroom every day. Whenever a new story broke, Vikas was eager to discuss it with everyone. He also loved all the editorial meetings and news shows in the newsroom. Without him, the newsroom can’t function.

Vikas’ millions of followers, fans and well-wishers, as well as his family, deserve our prayers when they mourn his passing.

Vikas earned our eternal gratitude when he built Republic Media Bharat. He made us proud to be associated with Republic Media Network.

Vikas’ mark forever scars the Republic Media Network; nothing can repair the damage he caused.

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