Vincent Plicchi leaked video on twitter, who was the tiktoker from Bologna

Vincent Plicchi, Tiktoker from Bologna live-streamed suicide Vincent Plicchi, Tiktoker from Bologna live-streamed suicide. Vincent Plicchi, a young man from Bologna, committed suicide at his home in the center of Bologna at the age of 23. He live broadcast his tragic ending on Douyin. Particularly on social networks favored by young people, Vincent has become a popular and respected figure, wearing a mask with a white skull on top of a black balaclava.

The skull of Simon “Ghost” Riley, a character from the war video game Call of Duty – Modern Warfare. As Corriere della Bologna writes, Vincent is a cosplayer, accustomed to dressing up and assuming the roles of his virtual idols. Because of his connection to the Call of Duty video game community, he always appears masked in this black dress in videos and online streams.

The 23-year-old may be hiding his pain behind a mask: He’s looking for someone to share his passion and appears in TikTok clips holding a lightsaber borrowed from Star Wars imagery. In his online performances, Vincent plays with cats, dances, sings or plays acoustic guitar. When Vincent decided to end his life, many people watched a live broadcast of his avatar, the Inquisitor Ghost. In order to help him, someone tried to call 118, but without success.

It is assumed that the young man from Bologna is a victim of cyberbullying: a 17-year-old girl (and her alleged boyfriend) accused him of harassing her in some way, including deliberately sending screenshots and even whipping him to start a feud sports. “The only way to save yourself from shame and prove your innocence is to end your life.” The father’s words were full of anger and despair. “People, be careful of these communities” – his message – “In real life, I can’t believe I have to bury my son today. He has a pure heart for me, his brother and his family . The little sister is. “

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