Vivian Polania has leaked onlyf? Were photos of her really on reddit and twitter?

On November 16, Colombian judge Vivian Polanía lay in bed with a cigarette in her hand and apparently in her underwear while appearing in a virtual hearing. Since then, the judge in question has been suspended for three months.

A few days ago, a video went viral and Polanía could be seen at the moment her camera was turned on, and she could be seen with teary eyes and disheveled hair, smoking a cigarette in bed, apparently only in clothes inside.

According to the portal El Tiempo, the judge spent more than 57 minutes turning off the cameras before the incident.

The prosecutors indicated to the woman that they could see her, at which point she disconnected, despite the intervention of the Public Ministry, and she reconnected with the cameras turned off.

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Given this, the Judicial Discipline Committee of Norte Santander decided to suspend her for three months, condemning her attitude.

“This situation is inconsistent with the prudence, respect and deliberation with which the judges of the Republic are obliged to impart justice and shows that this official clearly disrespects her own public office and those involved in the investigation,” expressing the determination of Colombian institutions. .

El Universal quoted the judge as saying that after the incident, she also noted that she had been “persecuted for years” because of the way she dressed, adding that she was the victim of harassment by the magistrates.

“It’s not like there’s a ball in the audience, no, you never know when an anxiety attack is going to come. I’m always in a robe. I do not hit myself, I have low pressure, I have a diver, ”she added. she explained to Colombian media.

She added that she was overworked and had a preliminary hearing with criminal organizations.

Polanía rose to fame in 2020 through Instagram, where she has over 361,000 followers, showing off her workout routine and posting photos in lingerie.

At the time, Colombian media quoted the judge as saying, “You don’t take photos for the sake of taking photos, and you don’t want to be liked, but when you have a large following, companies and designers start looking for you.” to give discounts or pay for promotions”.

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